Week 07 | July 1 - July 3 (No Classes on July 4 - 5)

$57.00 / unit


Arts & Crafts Camp – Create various art projects relating to famous artists and countries. Learn about technique, color theory and more. Weaving, printmaking, painting, tessellations, bookmaking, pop up cards are just some of the highlights.

(Academic) Write Like Taylor Swift - No matter which “era” you are in, this camp is sure to inspire the author in you! We will be studying some of the fundamental writing strategies that Taylor Swift utilizes in her own work. Let’s explore the literary devices used in her lyrics as we discover how you can use these writing tools in your own works ranging from poetry, short stories or even lyrics of your own!


(STEM) Earth Science Camp- Discover the amazing world of geology and the natural science related to planet Earth. Learn about the physical and chemical constitution of Earth and its atmosphere. Activities include studying a varitety of rock collections, creating clouds, volcanos and more!

Swim/Sports Fun- Classroom and water instructions. Learn the basic water safety along with proper swim strokes and a variety of sporting activities. Bring a swimsuit, towel, and play clothes for each day.

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