Week 04 | June 10 - June 14

$95.00 / unit

Morning Sessions:

ART- Unleash your child's creativity and imagination in our Creative Canvas Kids Art Class! Designed for budding artists ages 6-12, this dynamic and interactive class offers a nurturing environment where children can explore a variety of artistic techniques, mediums, and styles. From painting and drawing to sculpture and mixed media, each class will inspire creativity, encourage experimentation, and celebrate individuality.

Fashion & Modeling Camp (best for ages 10+) (Academics)
Students will learn about fashion trends through the decades and be given the opportunity to design and model. This camp encompasses the fundamentals of fashion design, balance, proportion, emphasis, rhythm and unity as students use their imagination for their own creations. Students will also learn the basics of modeling and have opportunities to practice their skills in the final fashion show modeling their favorite ensembles and their own design prototype!

Afternoon Sessions:

Marine Biology (STEM)

Does your child love learning about the plants and animals that inhabit our lakes, rivers and oceans? This is a perfect opportunity for them to focus and explore while giving them experience and confidence.

Swimming & Sports Fun- Classroom and water instruction. Learn the basic water safety along with proper swim strokes and a variety of sporting activities. Bring a swimsuit, towel and play clothes for each day.

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