ProRider Advanced Skills Course (Spring)

$195.00 / unit

This course is intended for experienced motorcycle riders who have a firm grasp of the basic skills of operating a motorcycle, but desire to become a better, safer, more confident rider. This is a challenging course, so riders must have physical stamina to withstand a full day on the range. Riders will learn to “bond” with their personal motorcycle, becoming familiar with the bike’s full capabilities and limitations. Practice braking, evasive maneuvers, and hazard avoidance exercises that may save your ride from serious damage, injury or death. This course will incorporate the techniques learned and mastered by police motorcycle officers and will improve riding abilities of even the most seasoned rider. At the end of the course, successful participants will receive a completion certificate, having achieved a refined skill set and newfound confidence. Prerequisites/Requirements: Must have intermediate skills and license with a motorcycle endorsement. Must have your own motorcycle (must be street legal) with valid registration, inspection where applicable, and valid insurance coverage. Must provide your own protective gear including DOT approved helmet, above the ankle boots (no sneakers), gloves, durable long pants (no athletic pants of any kind) (8 hours)

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