HRCI: Certificate in Managing the Hybrid Workforce (Fall)

$199.00 / unit

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations large and small quickly adapted to remote work settings and alternative workplace solutions to protect employees' health and safety and maintain business continuity. What began as a necessary and seemingly temporary change soon prompted organizations to rethink their work environments and workspace needs entirely. Such significant changes to the traditional office setting have required HR professionals to address key business challenges, including how to support and engage employees in remote settings and how to safely transition back to physical work locations. Many organizations now seek a comfortable middle ground—a work arrangement that maximizes the benefits of remote work while utilizing physical work spaces for tasks and activities that warrant in-person collaboration and connection. HR professionals play a key role in leveraging the benefits of both settings, remote and in-person, to create hybrid solutions that suit the unique needs of their organizations. This certificate prepares HR professionals to manage hybrid workforces, especially during times of transition and as business needs change.

Courses Included in this Certificate

  • Building and Supporting a Remote Workforce
  • The Hybrid Workplace
  • The Modern Office

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