CDL - ELDT Class B to A Upgrade (Spring)

$1,575.00 / unit

Before registering, please reach out to the program advisor to be checked for course eligibility and receive a course scheduled date. After receiving your scheduled date, please continue with the registration for the assigned course. For businesses that will be paying for an employee please reach out to that employee to gather the required student information before completing the registration/payment on their behalf.

To Schedule A Course or To Ask Questions: Belinda Todd, Program Advisor (850) 484-1795, [email protected]

Program Contact: Andre’ The’, Lead Instructor (850) 484-4485

For questions concerning payment or Billing: Kelby Thornton, Coordinator, [email protected]

This course is intended for those looking to transition from a Class B to a Class A license. Exam and classes will take place at 5957 Jeff Ates Road, Milton, FL 32583.

  1. Student must have their CLP for a minimum of 14 days before the CDL test
  2. ELDT Class – Federal Theory Class B to Class A
  3. Administer the final exam for ELDT Theory
  4. ELDT Basic Skills
  5. Pre-Trip Inspection
  6. Basic Control Skills
  7. Public Roadway
  8. Administer the CDL Skills Test
  9. PSC to provide a Class A Vehicle, if needed

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